Editorial Policy Fusion Digital May 29, 2023

Editorial Policy

Editorial Integrity

Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality, accurate source of digital marketing information available.

We ensure this by having a senior and deep level of expertise involved with any content we create, including sourcing independent, expert peer reviewers to carefully read through, feedback and approve the content.

Our goal is not to present marketing ‘silver bullets’. Instead, we aim to offer a comprehensive and context-appropriate analysis of all available information regarding any digital marketing topic, equipping you with the necessary insights to make the best decisions for your business.

We are firmly against any form of sensationalism or manipulation just to generate more traffic or sales.

Finally, we emphasise that any and all marketing challenges are unique to your brand and business and should be discussed via a consultation with an experienced strategist for advice relating to your specific circumstances.

Integrity of Fusion Staff

We do not accept any promotional content or advertising from outside sources. As such, all content found on our site is created, edited or approved by staff members of Fusion Digital Agency.

Furthermore, all staff at Fusion Digital Agency are free from any conflicts of interest. Each member declares that they do not benefit from any external source that could bias our content.

Our team members have full independence to research and analyse marketing trends, strategies, and data. 

We note and date any revisions of our content where there are changes to subject matter or references, ensuring transparency in how we update our pieces with the latest research and data.

Content Creation Process

All information published on Fusion Digital Agency goes through multiple levels of editing to ensure the information presented is accurate, data-driven, and unbiased.

At a minimum, the typical process for any writing is as follows:

  1. Experienced marketer creates the outline to fully address the question/topic at hand.
  2. Subject matter expert content writer drafts the piece.
  3. Article is reviewed by the strategist.
  4. Corrections and clarifications are incorporated at every level.
  5. Article is published on the website.
  6. Article is peer reviewed by an independent expert.

Almost any article on Fusion Digital Agency will have undergone more than 10 hours of focused writing/editing/reviewing before being published. Most articles take dozens of hours, from conception to publication.

Our content is regularly updated, reflecting the summation of hundreds of hours of work.


While we are a marketing agency, we do not promote any external products, services, or content, keeping our advice and insights purely objective.

If particular products and services outside of our own offerings are recommended, it’s a genuine recommendation and not due to receiving compensation to do so.


Fusion Digital Agency is committed to making corrections and clarifications should any issue arise.

We take prompt action to review any concerns brought to us by our readers, and if warranted, we immediately update any content on the website.

This includes new information that was not available at the time of publication and any other necessary updates to an article.

If you believe you’ve found anything incorrect on our website, please contact us. Our goal is to be an accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date source of digital marketing information.